Hello there Disorderly's, Leo here with a mouthful of an update. We have really enjoyed our time playing DND and hearing from you guys in both reviews, emails and on twitter. That being said, we're doing some things to improve the experience for our existing friends and hopefully new ones!

The first is that our first campaign, DM'd by Tim has now completed. Tim unfortunately has become mired in his real world adventure and needs to take a break from the podcast. We're hopeful he will be back, but in the meantime I will be DMing. All the old episodes will remain available here and on the itunes stream but we will be starting fresh with new characters. Which leads into our next change...

We will have a new stream for the new episodes. Let me repeat:


The new stream should have the same name as the old one. Just search up Dungeons & Disorder. If you have issues please please please send us an email or message and I'll get right on it.

We decided to do this for a variety of reasons, most importantly because the quality of our first episodes was really bad. With a new stream, new listeners will be able to come in without having to slog through those vocal nightmares. Second, the old stream was causing problems with episodes showing up whereas the new one should have no issues going forward.

Finally, there a bunch of other things going on in the background and we hope to start pushing them out to you guys soon. Thanks for listening and may all your rolls be 20's.