Alex Siu is a reference librarian as well as part-time student in New York. When he's off work, he spends his time doing pretty normal things. This includes reading books of all sorts ranging from history, fantasy and sci-fi, Japanese manga to the occasional classical literature. Alex also likes to play both video games, mostly on the computer. His favorite genres are real-time strategies, and RPGs. His all time favorites are: Baldur’s Gate, Fallout 2, Starcraft: Brood War, Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VI.

And of course, tabletop games or Alex won’t be on this biography page at all. Alex has been playing tabletop games since high school starting with the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Since then, he has played most of the later (and earlier versions) of Dungeons & Dragons, as well as dove into the alternate path of Pathfinder. Outside of his bi-weekly gaming with the Dungeons & Disorder group, he also currently plays with a Third Age group online. Unfortunately, to this day and age, Alex still has and still wants to play in a game of Shadowrun.