Blake made his first foray into gaming at the ripe age of 9 with Magic: The Gathering. Since then, Blake has made gaming his form of relaxation. Card games, board games, video games, these things tickle his fancy and spurred him to strike a balance between fun and fairness, both in and out of game. With a B.A. in Philosophy, Blake mostly enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, weaving philosophical thought experiments into his games as a Dungeon Master.

As for Blake's preferred genre of video games, turn-based strategy has been his love ever since he played Master of Orion. Sword of the Stars, Civilization 4 & 5, Galactic Civilizations, Blood Bowl, and Endless Legend all fit his bill quite nicely. Real-time strategy is the runner up, and games like Homeworld, Divinity: Dragon Commander, and Age of Empires delight Blake when he's in the mood.